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At least once a year a close friend is having a birthday right? If you add on top of that – new baby births, office leaves, and holidays gifts, you will have at least four different reasons to go on a thrilling gift shopping adventure! You might be the type of person who enjoys shopping or the contrary, but you have to admit – finding the perfect gift can be really HARD! This tough mission can catch the most experienced gift buyer off-guard, yes, even if you are buying a gift for your wife, mother, boss, teacher, sister – you name it.

On top of that – when we are looking for gifts for coworkers, life can be even harder. Your relationship is mostly professional however, your gift has to leave a good impression, have an affordable budget (Leave those cheap gifts alone!), and most of all, satisfy the coworker’s needs.

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You’ve likely already gone through many blog posts like “5 Creative Ideas for an Office Gift” or “Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Coworkers” hoping a Google query will return results of ‘the perfect gift’. It’s natural to still be on the chase for that perfect gift because each and every person is different, and we like different things.

Here at TenGift, we created this super-simple customizable guide for finding the perfect gift. Following these 7 steps will ease your headache and spare you some time during this gift hunt. Get ready to amaze your lucky, gift-receiving friend!


Step 1- Facebook, Facebook and once again – Facebook:

You need only 2 minutes on your celebrator’s Facebook profile to find out if he likes visiting the beach, taking photos, if he has a pet, and even when and where his last trip abroad was.


Step 2- Social Networks (Besides Facebook):

Our different social networks have all of our interests in them, and just like you are following a certain type of interests and personas – our celebrator acts the same. You can find which companies he likes, and what kind of products interest him the most. Is he a DIY follower or a cross-fit expert? Which Pinterest boards gives him inspiration? Even a bookshelf can be a great and meaningful gift if you know which manufacturer your celebrator loves and appreciate what they do. 


Step 3 – Marital Status:

Relationship status has a huge impact on our celebrator’s lifestyle, how much spare time he has and how he likely to spend any of that free time. That’s why we need to think this through. Young parents barely have time for themselves, for example, a gift that will provide them with some “time off” would be a great fit. it can be either a movie/concert/show tickets or breakfast + massage therapy. For your single friends, maybe a tech gadget or sports product might be a good match. 


Step 4 –Season of the Year:

This major step is crucial for our gift, however it’s too often ignored. Flip flops, sunglasses and a t-shirt will have no use for me if I am celebrating when the summer is over right? When the seasons change, our activities, lifestyle, and feelings are changing too. For the same celebrator, we can match four ultimate gifts, one for every season. 


Step 5 – Hobbies:

Yes, this step is a bit trivial but it also has a great impact on our perfect gift. Sending a football fan to a basketball game just won’t work. Maybe our celebrator likes to write, and maybe he likes to travel. You will need to make a list of three hobbies your celebrator enjoys.  It can be a handwritten list or kept on your phone, but it will definitely improve your aiming for the perfect gift.


Step 6 – Favorite Experiences:

There is plenty of research that proves the relationship between a gift that comes in the shape of an experience (course or activity), and the memory it crafts in the celebrator’s mind. In order to leave a mark, we need to choose the right activity – that is the tricky part! Along with the celebrator’s character we have to keep in mind his past experiences. A hot air balloon tour is great, but if he already did it last year, it won’t be as remarkable as we would like. Same goes for fear; don’t send someone to a surf lesson if they are afraid of the ocean.


Step 7 – Stay Updated!

A gift that relates to the celebrator’s latest life events will always have an added value. Find out whether he just started a professional course, or maybe adopted a new pet, and match your gift to it.

In conclusion, every person is a bit different and will be happy to get various gifts for every life event he had. Think about yourself for a minute – the perfect gift you wished for in your 20’s probably won’t match the one you would want for your 30th birthday. The perfect gift would be the one that we want to buy right now but can’t always achieve on our own. It is a difficult task to find it, but following these 7 steps will set you on the right path. Good luck, and may the sales be ever in your favor.

Bonus – Perfect Gift Card:

Gift cards have emerged into our lives and changed the game, They are providing an excellent escape route for those who don’t have the time or energy to find the perfect gift. Buying a gift card gives the celebrator the option to pick what they really want, from the companies they love, at the time they most need it. 

So, now you are a gift-giving expert – you’re all set!

Go and find your perfect gift. Don’t forget to drop us any question you still have or tell us about your gifting experience in the comments section!

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