Reinventing Long Distance Gifts

A long distance mom perspective on long distance gifts.

When you have a son in college, a daughter living on the other side of the globe, and a husband in the military, it’s hard to get everyone together for a birthday bash. Oh how I miss the days when we were all together, having a great dinner every birthday, giving each other gifts and greeting cards, playing cards or watching a movie. We had an amazing family dynamic, which in my opinion is far more important than gifts. It proves that no matter how far you are from your family, they’re always there for you and will always love you.

Over the last couple of years, I’d been searching relentlessly for perfect long distance gifts for each of my loved ones: something heartwarming, fun, ideal, essential, and capable of strengthening our bond, no matter the distance between us. It was difficult to find anything that met all of those criteria, But then I found one.

Long distance gifts solution

TenGift is an app that lets you easily organize a group of people, collect money, share unique wishes, and buy the perfect gift for a loved one, all in just a few clicks. You can easily invite others via text message and collect their contributions and wishes digitally. Your loved one will then receive an amazing Instagram-style story full of video wishes and a variety of gifts and gift cards from which they can choose the perfect gift!

Here’s why this long distance gift solution meets my “perfect gift” criteria:

1) Heartwarming and Fun

It doesn’t matter how old are you; a gift can always sweep you off your feet and leave you smiling and excited!

Imagine it’s your daughter’s birthday. In the middle of the day, between the flood of text messages and the endless Happy Birthday posts on Facebook, she gets one message that reads, “Your family and friends got you a special gift for your birthday! 😉”

So she taps the download link and loads the gift. The video birthday wishes start playing. Her parents, siblings, best friends, grandparents, and everyone else who contributed to her gift congratulate her, taking her already special day to a whole new level. Save for a true hug from Mom, nothing else could make her feel so at home while she’s so far away!

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2) Ideal and Essential Gifts

There are tons of articles out there about how to choose the perfect gift for someone, and all that information can make the process very confusing: make a list of their interests, ask yourself what they need, what do you want to say to this person, etc.

After reading all those articles, I came to the conclusion that there’s no way to find that perfect gift on your own. You and your loved one are two different human beings; you both like different things, so you don’t necessarily want the same gifts. With that in mind, the best solution to this problem is to let your loved one choose their own gift.

The gift cards variety on TenGift gives an unlimited selection. Whether your loved one wants the latest dresses and skirts from ASOS or the coolest gadgets from Amazon, there’s always a perfect gift waiting for them!

Now I know what you’re thinking: on its own, a gift card says, “I had no clue what to get you.” But when you add it to a series of video wishes from everyone they love, it really says, “We love you, go get yourself whatever you want!”

3) Strengthens Bonds

Sure, there are better ways to maintain relationships with your loved ones, but you can’t always take your son to see a concert or to watch his favorite football team. Living far apart, you go a long time without seeing each other (in person), and even when you try to video chat, problems always come up: bad connection, bad timing, conflicting time zones, etc.

So when it comes to long distance gifts, you have to get creative. You need to strengthen that bond with every tool you have. The minute you will receive the response video from your loved one, thanking you and the rest of the family for the long distance gift, the huge gap between all of you will vanish for a while.

The challenges we face as long distance moms are never easy. As a working mom, it’s hard to take a break and visit the kids, especially when they’re far away. In my opinion, the experience TenGift creates is invaluable! It helps keep the family together, which I believe is the best gift in the world.

So if you have a special occasion coming up and you’re out of gift ideas, I recommend you to give this app a try! It’s completely free, it’s easy to use, and most importantly, and most importantly – it creates a unique and personal experience over long distances.

Ready to bring your family closer?

TenGift group Gift

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What’s your experience with long distance relationships? How do you send gifts to loved ones who live far away? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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