Group Gifting FAQ’s 2018-09-05T10:45:16+00:00
Group Gifting FAQ

Group Gifting process raise many question marks!

lucky for you, group gifting is our expertise here at TenGift 😎 We have already encountered hundreds of questions! On this page, you will find answers for both conceptual and practical questions around group gifting.

If there is something we have missed or any other question you have in mind – please contact us at, or use our contact form we will answer as soon as possible (if it will be a good one, we will post it here!) Let’s dive in.

Group Gifts VS Personal Gifts 2018-09-03T08:06:42+00:00

Like any other thing in life, each gift has its ups and downs. Because we are here to discuss group gifts we will just clarify one thing – if your gift recipient (AKA: “The Celebrator”) is a dear person which you like very much, you should buy him a personal gift, good one!
Gifts for coworkers, for example, are a perfect fit for a group gifts. There are several reasons why:
– You and your celebrator are not always good friends.
– In one year you can end up buying more than 20 gifts for coworkers, buying them as personal gifts will be highly expensive.
– Chipping-in for group gifts is much more affordable.
– Create a happier working environment in your workspace and enhance your employee engagement.

Group Gifts VS Personal Gifts

How Can I Organize a Group Gift on TenGift app? 2018-08-30T11:35:03+00:00

TenGift took the traditional process of group gifting and made it easier for everyone involved. The gift organizer creates a group gift in seconds by setting up the basics:

  • Group gift name
  • Group gift profile picture (Optional)
  • The celebrator, choosing the person out of her/his phone contact list.
  • What type of event is it (Birthday, Newborn baby, Farewell, etc.)?
  • The price per participant.
  • Create WhatsApp group chat for the event’s participants. (Optional)
  • The date of the event: The date in which the gift will be automatically sent to the celebrator.

Once completed, the next thing to do is to invite the friends to chip-in. TenGift gives you the option to choose how to spread the word from your favorite platform.

Each invitee can chip-in with a single swipe and shoot a short 5 seconds video-wish for the “Gift Story”. Each user can add extra money on the behalf of their friends or just to appreciate the celebrator a bit more 😁.

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TenGift gift

What are the Group Gift Organizer’s Responsibilities? 2018-08-30T11:32:37+00:00

The group gift organizer needs to set up the details about the group gift and invite everyone (check the question above☝️), which takes less than a minute. With that being said, conducting all of the friends to chip-in and video-wish might take a bit longer.
But have no worries, With great responsibility comes great powers!
The organizer has some superpowers such as:

  • X-rays to see which of the invitees already chipped-in.
  • a special communication channel to poke users and make sure they remember the gift.
  • time travel abilities to edit the event’s date and time.
  • Extra recognition from the celebrator for all the hard work.

Think you have what it takes to have the group gift organizer’s superpowers?
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group gift organizer special powers

How a TenGift Celebrator Getting His Group Gift? 2018-09-03T06:38:12+00:00

On the date chosen by the organizer, your TenGift celebrator will get a surprise SMS message along with the “Gift story” (video wishes) from the coworkers, followed by the group gift itself!

The celebrator can choose the gift he wants the most, an eGift card or a physical gift, from the top brands and suppliers! As part of our TenGift celebrator flow, he can send a thank you video to show gratitude to all of the friends who chipped-in for the group gift.

TenGift Celebrator's Flow

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Invite Friends to Chip in for the Group Gift 2018-09-03T08:40:27+00:00

Anyone can invite friends to chip in, Each invitee and the group gift organizer of course, the more the merrier!

You can choose how to spread the word, directly from your contact list or by a shareable link to send via your preferable platform.

invite friends to chip in

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Can I Change the Amount of Participation? 2018-08-30T14:41:35+00:00

It is possible using our help. In case you want to do it please contact us via e-mail: and we’ll assist you with everything.

How many Group Gifts can I open? 2018-08-30T14:42:44+00:00

As many as you want, there’s no limit on the amount of Group Gifts you can open!

What Kind of Gifts you Offer? 2018-08-30T14:38:02+00:00

TenGift provides a wide variety of gifts to choose from top brands such as Amazon, Asos, Ebay, Etsy, Target, Best Buy, and the list continues…

TenGift eGift Card Suppliers
What Payment Methods Are Available? 2018-08-30T13:30:00+00:00

The payment method we use is credit/debit card processing. We are processing any Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards.

What is the Security Level of TenGift App? 2018-08-30T13:27:05+00:00

TenGift payments are secured by the strict PCI-DSS standards.

TenGift Secured Gift

Where Can I See My Invoice? 2018-08-30T14:40:07+00:00

There’s a dedicated page in the app for the receipts. My profile => Settings => Invoices.

I Received a Group Gift, Can I Replace it? 2018-08-30T13:18:44+00:00

All queries regarding replacement and gift changes, are welcome to be sent to We promise we’ll do our best help and provide the best gift!

Can I Make a Group Gifting Registry? 2018-08-30T12:50:06+00:00

Unfortunately, you can’t. the celebrator will get to choose his gift out of the top eGift card brands such as Amazon, Asos, Ebay, Etsy, Target, Best Buy, and the list continues…

Are There any Fees for Using TenGift? 2018-08-30T11:55:08+00:00

No, TenGift is completely free of all charges, fees or any other form of commission.

How Much TenGift Will Charge My Organization? 2018-08-30T12:37:27+00:00

NOTHING. TenGift service is completely free, both for the organization and of course for your coworkers and the rest of the employees – the end users.