How Can I Organize a Group Gift on TenGift app?

TenGift took the traditional process of group gifting and made it easier for everyone involved. The gift organizer creates a group gift in seconds by setting up the basics:

  • Group gift name
  • Group gift profile picture (Optional)
  • The celebrator, choosing the person out of her/his phone contact list.
  • What type of event is it (Birthday, Newborn baby, Farewell, etc.)?
  • The price per participant.
  • Create WhatsApp group chat for the event’s participants. (Optional)
  • The date of the event: The date in which the gift will be automatically sent to the celebrator.

Once completed, the next thing to do is to invite the friends to chip-in. TenGift gives you the option to choose how to spread the word from your favorite platform.

Each invitee can chip-in with a single swipe and shoot a short 5 seconds video-wish for the “Gift Story”. Each user can add extra money on the behalf of their friends or just to appreciate the celebrator a bit more 😁.

Sound like the right solution for your next group gift? Download TenGift now!

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