What are the Group Gift Organizer’s Responsibilities?

The group gift organizer needs to set up the details about the group gift and invite everyone (check the question above☝️), which takes less than a minute. With that being said, conducting all of the friends to chip-in and video-wish might take a bit longer.
But have no worries, With great responsibility comes great powers!
The organizer has some superpowers such as:

  • X-rays to see which of the invitees already chipped-in.
  • a special communication channel to poke users and make sure they remember the gift.
  • time travel abilities to edit the event’s date and time.
  • Extra recognition from the celebrator for all the hard work.

Think you have what it takes to have the group gift organizer’s superpowers?
Download TenGift app and create your group gift straight away!

group gift organizer special powers

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