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Arrange a Group Gift with TenGift

Awesome Way of Group Gifting

TenGift's Group Gift app

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About TenGift App

TenGift app is an intra-organizational group gift platform allowing employees to join forces in the mission of buying their coworkers gifts, in an easy, affordable, personal and fun way. The current process of group-gifting is clumsy, impersonal and in most cases, more of a burden than a pleasure.

Using TenGift’s app, anyone can gather their friends in seconds, chip-in with just one tap and add his/her own personal wish-video to the group’s wishing-story.
The best part is the gift itself – your coworkers get to choose between the best deals for the perfect gifts!

Group Gift Features

Added Value

TenGift is an A to Z group gift platform that adds value to each step of the process, solving every single one of its problems.

Creating an event

In 10 seconds you can create your group gift. Choose your celebrator, set the date, pick the amount, and that’s it!!

Spreading the word

Choose your favorite platform to notify all, yet only, the relevant friends for the group gift.

Collecting the money

TenGift saves you the hassle of being in charge for collecting money from your friends. Chipping-in is secured and simple.

Choosing the perfect gift

Finding that gift on your own is hard! Instead, your friend will choose whatever he/she wants, all in unprecedented deals.


Shooting your original wish-video and add a personal taste, making sure your friend knows you are part of the group gift.

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TenGift App is Available on the app stores, Start your group gift today!

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